Thursday, December 31, 2009

~ My 2009 Praise ~

1. Aliza Mae, the most pleasant surprise yet.
2. Ava’s continuous knack to teach me life lessons; those of humanity, courage & tolerance especially.
3. Mom, she is my respite and often times my bank roll. I LOVE MY MOMMY!
4. The Children’s Hospital, we spent more time than ever in Aurora this year.
5. Topamax and its end to a long, tough bout of insanity (and pain) for all of us.
6. Preschool and any other break I get from one kid or the other...sometimes even both!
7. My joovy sit and stand; I couldn’t leave the car with out it.
8. My entire special needs community; you make life bearable.
9. The wisdom of uncertainty; maybe this is as good as it gets.
10. All you crazy folks who come back to this blog for more despite my lack of grammar, punctuation, spelling...I'll just say proper English in general.  After all I am trained in numbers ;)

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Kirsten said...

Happy New Year friend!