Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have had some nice conversations recently about Christmas, religion and the lessons we take from the season regardless of our spiritual beliefs. I’m sure it’s no surprise to most of you that I am not a spiritual believer in ideas like monotheism and Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Let’s just say my spirituality was not founded inside the walls of some brick institution pounding in the ideas (or fears) pertaining to a few religious writings. It was more a result of my upbringing in an environment of animal husbandry and downright common sense, often from life observations.

With the gift of Ava in my life I have learned that we can not all be observers, something I hadn’t given much thought to in my previous life. It has challenged me to think about where my faith in the unknown and ability to believe came from.

After much thought, I have to thank St Nicholas for my ability to believe. I hate that most folks get so lost in the shuffle of ‘What will the kids Santa present be?’ or ‘Did I spend enough money to please them and how will I compensate for gifts I just can’t afford?’ After all, that must be what it’s all about.

It finally occurred to me that it isn’t just the capitalistic nature of the holiday that I find offensive but all the things we don’t take time for because we are in such a rush to be the best Santa on the block. In an effort to ditch my Bah Humbugs until next year I am finding peace. Where? In the fact that St Nick is alive and well, I’m surrounded by his good deeds year round.

Also in Santa, thank you for making me a believer!

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Princess Abigail said...

Interesting food for thought there Manda ... thanks for triggering my neurones into awake mode this fine snowy Christmassy morning!