Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Bees

Fall time on the Front Range means ski season in the high country and that makes me smile. I love fall and I must say that skiing has grown on me since moving to this beautiful state. Last week a couple of ski areas opened and I can hear a faint echo….Amanda, ski Loveland, we have plenty of Miller Light at the Rathskellar for you.

Since my last post we celebrated a 4th birthday, got the icks (again) and attended a party, for grown ups. There is never a dull moment it seems.

Miss Ava’s birthday party went well. We had it in a park close to home and it was a beautiful morning for the kids to play and gobble up cupcakes. Ava wasn’t having the best morning but it worked out just fine. We can’t always be happy and the way things went all summer, we’ll take the grumpy Ava in lieu of the irate Ava. We also visited her neurologist last week she gave us a few things to think about and ordered an EEG for sometime in December. I’ll post more about her health in November after she visits the special care clinic at Children’s Hospital.

Ava also hung out with Ervin Johnson (6’11”), retired NBA player and liaison for the Nuggets. It was a day to learn concepts about BIG and small at Anchor school. She has also been very active sorting colors (yes, doing this on her own), trying very hard to talk more and using dad’s ski poles to walk and stand with. I can’t say enough about how far she has come since settling in at both schools this fall. Her teachers are impressed; it took me a while to convince them she needed to be challenged. I am very proud of her; I couldn’t have imagined this scenario in August.

Aliza has decided that she is going to crawl and would really like to walk and talk too. She keeps me on my toes, the busiest bee in the bunch. Baby gates and cupboard locks are in full use; this is an obvious change from Ava’s baby years but is proving to be a very good motivator for the big sister. It is kind of like having twins, 3 years apart. Miss Liz is certainly the yin our yang needed!

Things are starting to look up a bit. My girlfriend wrote a great blog on grief last week and I must say she hit the head on the nail…sometimes life just goes on….and on….and ooonnnnnnnnn. Here’s to a different day!


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