Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Hello preschool! Yep, it is already that time of year, Tuesday was Ava's first day of school at Anchor in Denver. A week from tomorrow she will start at her home preschool in Milliken. Why Milliken? It is the only preschool in the RE5-J district. Tentatively we plan to have her in pre-kindergarten ONLY at her home school in Johnstown next year but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I can't say that I am bummed to see summer go. It has certainly been an agonizing one for us and I hope our continuing health problems will subtly fade away just as the season does. I don't expect to wake up to any miracles but I would be ecstatic to see Ava have one good day for every bad, it would be a huge leap for everyone.

In addition all of us (including mom) have been continually fighting some kind of ick that we blame on The Children's Hospital but I suspect stress, lack of time to properly take care of ourselves and our environment along with lack of sleep are adding immensely to it. It has been an extra wet year here so allergies may be playing a part. Aliza took a trip to Dr K's on Friday afternoon for a viral rash...what ever that is.

Sunset in the Country was a huge success and I will dedicate a blog once I get some information on how much money was raised and other details of that nature.

We returned from a trip to Eastern Nebraska last Sunday evening. It was fun but a lot of work and a bit stressful for Ava and the momma. Aliza cut her first tooth the first day we were gone, her bottom right one. She was a great traveller, slept most of the time in the pick up. We went to a water park at Mahoney State Park (the family reunion was there) and she slept like a trooper despite the 100* plus temps and a heat index of who knows what. It was her first time swimming and she LOVED it even though there wasn't much personal space to spare.

Ava enjoyed most of the trip. She wasn't a fan of the heat and is only good for about 3 nights away from home. We are still ironing out her headache issues and have once again changed meds. I am inquiring about an appointment with an acupuncturist who is Chinese trained in Greeley. I'll post more when I get some more info. Her family Dr actually recommended him. The next step her neurologist wants us to take is the pain clinic at TCH if the med doesn't work. I'm also kicking around cranial sacral therapy, massage therapy and a trip or two to a chiropractor.

I'm beat and have probably forgotten a thing or two. I hope to have more time to myself once Ava gets into the groove of her 4-day a week school schedule. Aliza and I may be going to story time and the Chilson Center every now and then. I'm nervously looking forward to Ava's "new school" this year and will enjoy a little one on one time with Liz.


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