Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry

Here we are; two preschools, a Chinese Medical Doctor and many long hard months behind us. Best of all...tomorrow marks the BIG birthday month in our house, lots of cake to eat this month and one 4-year old coming up. What does she want for her birthday?

16" Ocean Drum - West Music
Winter Coat (Size 5)
Socks - (around size 9)
Hat & Gloves
Snow Boots (Size 8 1/2)

Ava seems to be getting back to her normal self this last week or so and it couldn't come a day sooner. We started her back on a small dose of topamax (for migraine prevention) a couple of weeks ago when she was unable to make it through the first day of Anchor preschool. It seems to be working, no more excruciating pain in her head, no more screaming for hours or days on end. The momma needs this, I was ready to commit myself ;)

Ava also visited with Dr Fratkin, an Eastern Medicine Doctor, last week. I wanted to try some acupuncture and he will actually be teaching me how to do what he would do in this area. No needles are used on children this young and he is ordering the "tool" I will use. We have some lab work pending concerning gluten and are using some herbs to combat the effects on her liver from one of her seizure meds. She seems to love her "Ancient Chinese Secret Herb" as I call it...she cracks up and opens wide for it. Too bad that didn't work with her Trileptal! It was a stretch for me but I really, really liked and respected his balance of Eastern & Western medicine.

How about Liz??? She is growing and changing daily. She gets around but I wouldn't yet call it organized crawling. She has at least 2 teeth and is wittier by the day. We will have our hands full with that girl, she is headstrong to say the least. We are enjoying some time to bond with out big sister while she attends school

That's all the time I have for now. I hope this finds you all excited for the upcoming fall and football season. At least football fans like beer!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are checking on the gluten stuff. Two friends of mine have a terrible wheat sensitivity. Gives them both terrible headaches. There are lots of good wheat/gluten free products out on the market(in Iowa anyway)Soy can be a problem too so be careful.

Krista :) said...

I LOVE these pictures of Ava...I am completely smitten with this kid, and I've yet to meet her even. Love readin' how the girls n their momma are doing! Glad to hear the road is getting smoother. Take care of yourself, Taz!