Monday, June 22, 2009

Nasty Neuro Nemesis

I am waiting to hear from Children's Hospital this afternoon. After weeks of bad behavior which has turned into inconsolable screaming and self-destructive behavior we can not go on another day like this. Joe and I will be heading to Aurora to the ER when he gets home from work if we haven't heard a definite plan by phone.

I feel Ava is either experiencing migraines or dealing with awful pressure in her brain. I'm no Dr. but I'd sure like to see a MRI with contrast or a CT scan at a minimum today. Joe and I would both like to be sure a tumor is ruled out.

Not sure what anyone can do to help at this time. Our lives have really been out of whack for over a month and everyone could use some sleep and relief. I will post when I know more.


Summer said...

I want to wish you guys the best of luck today and an answer for you guys!! We love you all very much! are thoughts are with you all!!

Angy and John said...

I have class until 4:30 each day this week but if you need help with Aliza, I can help out afterwards. She can come over and play with Lanie. Let me know. I am also free during the day next week if you need to go to a dr appt with Ava.