Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That Was Some Bunny

Have you missed me? I've been promising a new post with new pictures for a few weeks now, my apologies to all annoyed parties. We have been having so much fun I've had very little free time to sneak a few guilt free minutes at the computer. My lawn is finally green and late last week I actually accomplished a nice Spring cleaning (upstairs and downstairs) while the rain kept us inside a couple of days.

A few days prior to Easter Ava, Aliza, mother and I attended an Easter Egg hunt at the Grand Hyatt, downtown Denver, with her Anchor center preschool. It was on the 37th floor, quite a view I must say. The Grand Hyatt solicited the event and then called all the media on so it was fun but taxing at times.

They enjoyed lunch...chicken strips, tater tots, broccoli, very fancy pasta n' cheese, fresh fruit cups and some red or pink punch.

Here I am taking pictures of Ava taking her picture with the Easter Bunny. It is a polaroid so I can't post it.

Kind enough to provide a very nice table of Starbucks to the parents, however not lunch. I must say the Hyatt did a good job over all.

The Ugly Duckling, the Easter Bunny, a princess and some real live bunnies to pet were all part of the action.

They also hunted beeping eggs, danced and had pictures with the Easter Bunny and decorated real eggs. Ava and I had a blast, it was nice my mother could be there to watch Lizzy.

We were supposed to be in Washington Park Sunday morning for the 4th Annual Strides for Epilepsy but all the snow and rain postponed things. The walk will be on June 7th and registration has opened again. Feel free to support team Sammer Hammer by donating some funds or joining us for the walk. The team has raised over $1200 to date!

We finally visited Inspiration Park in Ft Collins last week. It was better than I imagined from the news hoopla when first opened. If you live in the area, it is worth the trip to the end of Horsetooth Road.

Ava had an EEG today but we will not see her neurologist until mid-May. It went SO much better than the last one. She was a real champ, didn't get crazy until the very end. Mom came and watched Aliza for me. She works four, 10-hour shifts a week so it happened to be her day off. Imagine that!

Aliza is chunkier than ever, smiling, squealing and cooing us to tears. She really wants to sit up and since she is wedge shaped (according to her father) she can sit up if she leans forward while doing so.

Ava is getting so big! We are using a picture card communication system at home and getting some great progress with her new speech therapist. I am in the process of moving her speech and occupational therapy to an outpatient clinic in Loveland equipped to help iron out some sensory issues. I am hoping some co-treatments can help us expedite the important speech like...I NEED to bounce before I bite you mom type. I will keep her physical therapy in home, we love Ann.

The family is great, looking back over my post you may wonder if I can leave the house without my mother. I do manage! We are traveling to Nebraska and South Dakota for a couple graduations in early May. It will be a long trip if I take the plunge, an entire week away. Enough from me, I am very sleepy. I hope you are well.


Kirsten said...

wedge shaped lizzy b square pants! Love it!

Jennifer said...

I must say; Ava is lucky to have you for a mom!! Love the pics - lil Aliza is so cute!! Take care, you are in my thoughts everyday.