Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hostess Taz

I've been trying (since Tuesday) to get an email together to solicit a few of you for some help and have yet to get it done. I have an opportunity to give back to Ava's Anchor School and I have decided to jump on it. I will be co-hosting (with Franco, another parent) a table (possibly 2) this year at their annual Sunset in the Country fundraiser.

Level 3 Communication founder Jim Crowe will once again be hosting the event at his beautiful Cherry Hills home. I understand the porta potties have marble sinks and wood floors, it should be a beautiful night. Check out details at the following link if you so desire.

What does one hostess need you might be asking???

First we need to fill our seats. Cost is $125 per person and if you are a junior (35 and under) it is $75 per person. This includes everything...gourmet meal and yes, there is an open bar all night long. We have had no problem doing this part but we are willing to open up a 2nd table if any of you are interested in attending.

Second I will be in charge of decorating the table. Any creative peeps out there with some great ideas??? Keep in mind, I have to pull this off and I am not the craftiest of folks. Centerpiece, theme, any ideas you can think of I'd love to hear!

I also need to provide the wine for supper time only along with an item to raffle at the silent auction. In addition we are collecting gift cards with a minimum value of $25 for a trade for cash game.

Put on your thinking hats and help me! I'm sure this will not be the last you hear of this. I will post an update on the family soon. Happy weekend to all!

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Dana Buhr said...

If you have room, put Chad and I at your table. No time to hostess this year, but defintely want to attend. I am happy to help with the table decor, too! That will be fun. Email me if you'd like. Can't wait to read more on the blog. Had an enlighting week with Errol and a vision therapist. Much to tell you!

Love to the whole family

Dana Buhr