Saturday, March 28, 2009

California Dreaming

Wednesday evening, the 18th of March...we arrive and nearly escape killing each other. The next morning we visited mom's Grandma first thing to see what we were up against. Her friends have been calling mom to report what a cranky old lady she has been so were not sure at this time what to expect or what we could accomplish.

The next thing we did was hit the beach...this is what Grandma & Ava LOVE to do! The rest of us don't mind either! That's pretty much what we did, visited Grandma and went to the beach. Sounds rough, eh?

It was so nice having Grandma Hugen with us to lend a hand. The kids traveled well but I'm not gonna fib, it sucks flying with two children under 4. All the stuff you need to pack, that's what makes it the hardest.

We stayed in Del Mar about 2 blocks from the ocean, when it was clear we could see it from our room. We had a kitchenette and a patio pool/spa side to compliment that. It was a great set up for a family of five and only about 20 miles from Great-Grandma in Escondido and the airport in San Diego. We rented a mini-van to haul around the two strollers, car seats and luggage for five so we were comfortable while commuting.

We spent most of our time at Torrey Pines Beach but got Grandma out to Solana Beach on Sunday. It was pretty brisk out, a storm moved through that day.

Saturday we spent at the Wild Animal Park (a part of the San Diego Zoo, safari style) near Grandma's home. She was a trooper, too stubborn to let us rent her a wheel chair and she walked a good 2-4 miles that day up hill and down.

Her late husband, Woody, "loved those gorillas". They spent a lot of time at the park during their life but it had been so long since she had been there she was completely shocked to see the $35 basic ticket price. I think she said they paid just a few bucks for everything except food, whatever that means? We all enjoyed it, I even broke down and spent $6 on a Bud Lite to keep my sanity ;)

Ava enjoyed her first carousel ride. She really dug the first few turns but seemed to get a bit dizzy as the ride went on. Joe seemed a bit dizzier than usual too (hardy har har, honey).

There we are, five generations. It's my Grandpa Ben's mother and we'll never get him to California for a picture of all of us. We did however meet with a realator and are preparing Grandma for a move to Colorado.

All in all, it was a good trip. Lizzy did lots of California dreaming and Ava was as well behaved as a three year old can be. If only mom, dad and grandma could play nice. We survived and enjoyed.


Jennifer said...

great story, glad you had a good time

Princess Abigail said...


I want to do all those exciting things too!

And I want to do them in those exciting places!