Sunday, February 08, 2009

Survival After a Sister

Hello everyone! I've never had a chance to tell you why I decided to give my last night up at the hospital. The entire time I was pregnant I'd hoped to give birth very early in the morning so I would get an extra night to stay there, pathetic, I know. Having meals prepared, a nursery to send the baby and good pain meds made this extremely enticing for me. All you mothers know our work is NEVER done!

While in the hospital on Tuesday, about 15 hours after having Aliza, a strange number appeared on my cell phone. My girlfriend Kirsten was visiting so I excused myself to answer the call. It was Joe and he was calling from the Johnstwon Family Physicians office, Ava's primary care physician works here.

Joe (whispering): I'm at Dr Kennigsberg's and he wants Ava to have a CT scan.
Me (very concerned/confused): A CT scan??? What happened?
Joe: She fell off the toilet and broke the bottom of the terracotta pot with her head and ear. Your mom was with her, I'm not sure the details.
Me: Does she have a lump on her head?
Joe: Yes
Me: No CT scan, you guys will monitor her tonight and take her tomorrow if she seems goofy.
Joe: I'll call you when we get home.

So the conversation was probably a bit more involved than that but to make a long story short...Ava survived a fall off the toilet. Her head hit the top of the planter and broke the bottom of it out. The worst that may happen is she might get cauliflower ear and have to go to a damn ear specialist to fix it. Looks promising that she will move on unscathed.

After this I however felt it best to go home and try to regain some normalcy in routine for everyone. It didn't really work, I should of just took my extra night.

The story gets even better.

Thursday afternoon after waking from a nap Ava and I had a little accident getting her out of bed. It is complicated to explain so I'll just say that between her wiggling and throwing a tantrum and me dropping her after she let go of one of my hands she injured her foot.

We were in Greeley at the Summit Medical Plaza (Johnstown x-ray tech on leave) Friday afternoon getting x-rays of her left foot, ankle and knee. We were sent there after another trip to Dr Kennigsberg's office that same day. We are weekly guest there lately. He offered to come back to Johnstown after his daughter's swim meet to cast Ava's leg if it needed it. Nice Dr, that's why we go there.

Her foot, ankle or knee is NOT broken but her foot is very sore. I suspect she landed on her toes as she was fully extended when she landed. She is so close to walking, holding only one hand. Let's hope she heals quickly.

We are hangin' in there. I'll be bloggin' soon, posting new pictures of the girls.

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Summer said...

Holy cow!!! sounds like you have your hands more than full!!!!! We wish you the best!!!! Glad things are getting a little more routine now!!!!