Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lightning McQueen Red...

That is the color of poor Ava's eyes.

Her surgery went well, the look is her new normal for the next few weeks. We arrived around 9:15 am at the surgery center. My mom and the rest of the building passed Aliza around while Ava had her procedure. It took around 40 minutes from beginning to end, short and sweet.

The surgery nurses then passed Aliza around while we went over post op instructions and waited for Ava to wake up. She woke up grumpy which is what they had predicted. She also woke up crying bloody tears. Sorry if that is too graphic, it was probably tougher on mom and dad than Ava. She drank a little cup of 7-Up and we were in the car and leaving the parking lot by 11:15.

We have to give Ava ointment twice a day in her eye. She is not very fond of this, wish us luck adminisitring this drug. It makes her want to rub her eyes and that is a no, no.

We are all doing well, a bit tired. Ava is sound asleep and scheduled for Speech Therapy in the morning. We will be enjoying lunch with Sam and Heather also.

I'll be posting soon.


Robyn Moore said...

Sounds like it was pretty tough on you guys, but Ava came through like a champ. Glad everything went ok.

HeatherS said...

Loved lunch with my ladies! Hang in there....all of you :)

Heather and Samantha