Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chunky Monkey + A Big Fat Lip

Somehow we have managed not to blow away these past few weeks. It has been fairly warm but damn windy here, it's getting annoying and it sounds like there is more to come. We have once again had some action packed weeks since I last posted.

Aliza had her one month appointment on Friday. There is quite a story to go along with our 3:30 trip to the Dr's office...Ava walked in holding only one of my hands like a big girl. I carried Aliza and the diaper bag in my other hand and a nice lady helps us with the double doors into the clinic. We made it the same way to the exam room, Ava sat on the floor while I undressed Aliza and we took her to be weighed.

When I got back to the room as the nurse was measuring Aliza, I put Ava on one of the chairs so she could see what was going on. I warned her not to fall and turned to get Aliza....You guessed it, BOOM, Ava face planted onto the floor trying to get a toy I had given her. I immediately picked her up and blood was running from her mouth and both nostrils of her nose. This was her first big digger of the sort, I felt so bad and she was SCREAMING.

The nurse and I cleaned her up and tried to calm her down before calling the Dr. in for Aliza and it worked briefly. I think part of her was shocked we were there for Aliza to see the Dr. and not her. She whined the entire time we tried to exam and discuss her sister. She was sporting a fat lip and bloody nose but seemed to be preoccupied with a toy prior to the Dr. coming in the room. was a bit of a scene.

What did we learn this trip to Dr. K??

-Ava can not be trusted sitting on any object more than 2 ft. or so off the ground. Her depth perception really sucks at times.
-Aliza weighed in at 10 lbs. 8 oz., I think. With all the chaos I didn't catch how long she was either. Next month I will get height & weight for both visits.
-Aliza is in the 95th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. I did get a chance to see the growth graph. She is a chunk, big round cheeks and a set of thighs!

Ava met her physical therapist at Jump'in Wednesday for a fun, fun session. We bounced, played on a cool slide and walked around on the bumpy floor for more than an hour. Her ankle is much better and she is oh so close to walking on her own. She also has a fantastic new speech therapist and a very young occupational therapist visiting the house again.

Things are finding a new normal around here. Ava is still a bit ticked but has stopped the hours of whining. She has been spending a night up at Grandma's the past few weekends, she seems to like the break. Aliza continues to be a good baby and sometimes gives me a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night. We are in Denver 2-3 times a week and busy with therapy and every ones standard Dr appointments. I am officially a coffee addict.

We have a little list of upcoming things to blog about.
1. Ava has eye surgery to correct her strabismus this Thursday (Feb 26th) in Ft Collins.
2. We will all be traveling with Grandma H to San Diego to get her grandma's affairs in order for a move to Colorado the 3rd weekend in March.
3. The 4th Annual Strides for Epilepsy 5K Walk/Run will again be in Washington Park on Sunday, April 19. If you wish, join us for an inspiring walk through a great park.
4. Mom bought me a ticket to the Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood show over the weekend for late June...I guess we can celebrate her 50th a few months late.

I'll be posting as soon as I can after Ava's surgery. Remember the story about me losing my wedding ring??? Here is the replacement I picked out on Aliza's monkey toes. My lost ring could not be replicated and thank god it was insured. The style change is a nice shake up and much more blingy.


HeatherS said...

Good Lord!

What an adventure you have had the last couple weeks! Hang in there Mama.


Princess Abigail said...

Oh dear, poor lil Princess, bopping her head like that. And she was doing such a good job as well!

phew ... you are a bunch of buzy little beez there .... I get exhausted just reading the list of things done and to do! You deserve a medal!

Robyn Moore said...

Wow, always interesting in the Jaksha house, huh? Aliza is so precious, and congrats on Ava walking into the office like a big girl.