Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Weeks Old

My lip got droopy from time to time after I ate before I was 1 week old. Mom and dad poked fun but I've managed to escape a complex so far.

Sunshine on Aliza's shoulders makes her hairy...yes, my mom is a closet Dave Matthews fan. She sang this song to me for a week. Most of my hair on my shoulders has fallen off.

We took my big sister to Dr Arnold, she is having surgery February 26 on her eyes to correct her strabismus.
I had lots of visitors including my Auntie, Brett and Grandma M as over night guests. Lots of other folks stopped in to say hello and bring fabulous food, conversation and gifts.

My sister took Brett, Grandma H, mom and I to the tiny tots symphony late last week. It was in a temple off 6th Avenue in Denver. We sat right next to the bass section and I slept through most of the show.

Here I am, 3 weeks old! Everyone is hanging in there, Ava is still a bit miffed I moved in. Mom gets enough sleep but needs to make more time for food. She is at her pre-pregnancy weight and wearing her blue jeans already. Dad plans to make her some breakfast burritos to start the day off right. We sure are on the go a lot. Take care, we'll be keeping you posted.

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Princess Abigail said...

Hi Ava! My brothers weren't too impressed when I moved in either. But today, we are all bosom buddies and they love me. YOu will see, in time, you will love your little sibbling so much! And just think of all the mischief you can get her up to!!!

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