Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January To Do's

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully all those silly resolutions you made aren't getting the best of you this week. We enjoyed our holidays, they were nice and quiet plus we didn't have much cooking to do. Nothing better than being fat and happy without all the work. Joe had a 4-day and 5-day weekend which was fantastic for all, it has been a LONG while since that has happened.

It has been a busy 2009 to date on Podtburg Circle. Ava had an EEG Monday, I seen my OB Tuesday and today we visited Ava's neurologist. I also squeezed in a minute to capture another wonderful self portrait of my gigantic belly for all of you to laugh at. I bet you're jealous!

Mom took a 1/2 day off to ride to Ava's EEG on Monday and help me keep her awake. It was HORRIBLE, she has never been so naughty during one. The result was her finally falling asleep from tantrum exhaustion which is what we need for any kind of accurate picture of her problems, so that was good.

Joe met us this afternoon for the follow up appointment with her neurologist. The new Children's Hospital North Campus is proving to be pretty convenient for us. The visit was quite refreshing, exactly what a girl (and Joe) needs before giving birth to the next.

The neurologist was quite impressed with the changes in Ava since she seen her in early November. We decided to add a sleep aid at night and leave her seizure meds at their current level of 1/2 the dose for her weight. We are hoping to see a huge improvement with her speech adding this sleep med. She will be back for a follow up EEG in 2-3 months.

The last to do for the week??? You all know, hopefully it's a trip to the hospital for me. My OB didn't think I'd make it to my appointment next Wednesday....I sure hope he is right about that! I can finally admit that I am exhausted since there is an end in sight. Carrying around this baby bump and 32 lbs of Ava is taking its toll. My next post will probably be post baby so send some positive labor vibes my way.


HeatherS said...

YAY!!! We can't wait. Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

Taz - Looking forward to the big news! Hang in there. I am sending you good vibes for a smooth labor and birth!