Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letters to Santa

Hi Everyone! Today I took my momma to my Anchor School Christmas Party. She had to wake me up early so we could be there by 9:00 but it was worth it. We have some pictures to share with you...

Santa came on a horse drawn sleigh, I was so excited when I heard his jingle bells I clapped lots. He brought me a Dora backpack full of musical instruments.

The guide dogs brought me a nice book too. These fun elves read to me while I waited to see Santa. I also had a present for mom, I made a wreath from my hand prints and put my picture in the middle...she almost cried and I'm not sure why.
I worked real hard on a letter to Santa with my teachers too, mom really cracked up when she read it. Hopefully Santa still thinks I'm nice on Christmas day.The reindeer also paid us a visit. I got to touch and look closely at them, they kind of stink but they made me clap too.We had a FANTASTIC time today. I wish everyone a little peace, love and happiness this holiday.

Lots of Love,


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