Friday, December 05, 2008

33 Weeks...

163 lbs and 140 bpm. My OB appointment Wednesday was smooth sailing again and I have 5 appointments to go. This will be the last time I ever post my weight for the world to see and will take a picture of the big belly again the day I deliver. I'm starting to finally move past the thought of what the hell I'm going to do with 2 kids and am getting excited to meet the baby girl. I finally have those pictures I promised to post too!

What's new with us?

Ava got really sick with a nasty bug the week before Thanksgiving. It took her more than a week to finally start feeling better and now she seems good to go aside from a bit of a rash that is still lingering. She also passed her crud onto her Grandma Hugen turning her 5-day weekend into a healing at home time. Poor Nana!

Ava is completely off of her topamax and we are still making adjustments to the change in meds in general. Getting sick during a med change has made it hard for us to tell what the cause of some of the changes are. She seems to be talking a lot more and her eyes are definitely going through changes. She will have a follow up EEG in early January to see just how effective the meds are.

I also need to schedule her an appointment with genetics, it usually takes around 6 months to get in so it will be this summer or early fall. She seen her Opthamologist on Wednesday and we will be back at the beginning of February with a tentative plan to schedule surgery to correct her amblyopia. I'll keep you posted.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Uncle Jerry and Sue's in Ft Collins. Yes, Jerry still works and lives part-time in Douglas, WY but he spends a good amount of his 4-days off in Ft Collins. I have never been so excited for Thanksgiving either...being pregnant during the holidays is actually a good thing! It was also nice to not be hosting for a change. We are looking into dining out for Christmas, any suggestions?? I'm hoping the aquarium in Denver is open.

We finally have the baby's room ready to go. It is nice having another girl, we have plenty of blankets, clothes, sleepers, coats, shoes, etc. I actually got pretty sentimental about Ava's baby time when going through the endless totes of baby things that have been stored in the basement and attic. I am equally excited to get rid of pack n plays, saucers, bumbos and bouncy chairs when the time comes. I can't believe how much stuff comes with a baby these days. What did our parents ever do without it???

And we finally got snow yesterday, at least 6 inches! Ava has a date with Santa tonight at Joe's shop Christmas party. It should be fun as long as she can hang in until at least 6:30ish with a good attitude. Sleep has been unpredictable to say the least. Have a great weekend!

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