Thursday, November 13, 2008

Denver Post Letters to the Editor

I haven't had a chance to post a thank you to everyone that supported Amendment 51 so....THANK YOU! I had a sign in my front yard for over a month and most of my neighbors actually spoke with me about the amendment and told me that the fact that it would support Ava changed their mind to a YES vote. Of course the amendment was defeated but it was closer than I thought it might be so there is hope for the future I think.

I wanted to share the letters to the editor from 11/11/08 regarding Amendment 51. The first one is written by the daughter of the family support specialist at Anchor. Caroline is a great girl and happened to walk with us in the Strides for Epilepsy last year. Epilepsy happens to be one of the things her brother doesn't suffer from so I'm sure this girl will be leaving a big footprint on the world, there were not too many 14 year olds out of bed and walking that fine April day.

The second letter speaks for itself...obviously we are willing to make Pat Bowlen and the Denver Broncos richer while denying this population basic services. Isn't America great? Thanks again everyone!


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