Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vote YES for Ava - Amendment 51

Hello blog readers! I hope all my Colorado friends are enjoying this Indian summer we have been experiencing the last few days, I sure am. It's hard for me to believe that October is over 1/2 gone and we will soon be eating turkey and dressing. This only means that I am closer to having another baby, my 3rd trimester starts this coming week, only 10-13 weeks to go. I see my Dr on Monday and hope that I have passed my glucose screening.

I wouldn't normally throw politics at you on my blog but Amendment 51 will end some wait lists for services in Colorado and Ava happens to be on one of them. The HCBS list (home and community based services) is the particular part of the bill which pertains to Ava, it's basically a medicaid supplement to our private insurance. Since she has no diagnosis she is not a shoe in for medicaid. We are a middle class working family with good insurance and this means that Ava will eventually end up going without services that medicaid participants receive.

We spend what we can on co-pays but with high prescription drug costs, lifetime limits on therapy and continuing diagnostic testing we will eventually be tapped out. This is certainly only one part of the amendment and I'd be happy to share other examples, stories and tragedies that are a result of the underfunding of this diverse population affected by the list. There is bipartisan support and I am impressed with the grass roots effort that has brought this to the ballot. If you've made it, I thank you for continuing to read this far.

Enough with amendments. What's new with us??? Ava finally has an IEP as of Wednesday morning. There are a few things that I am concerned about but it went better than I had expected Tuesday night. The TVI (teacher of visually impaired) in Ava's district seems to be a little confused about her diagnosis and what that means to her education and mobility. He is working on his dissertation so I'm hoping he is on his way to his next job. Ava may start for a day of preschool in Milliken in January, if not she will definitely be there next year. I was impressed with the special ed teacher and the therapist that were representing the district which is a large plus.

We visited Champungu sculpture park and had lunch with Sooze Elwood a couple of Fridays ago, it was nice. She was on her way to South Denver for a hair show and passing by on I-25.

There are many events transpiring in the next few weeks I will be updating you on. Ava has her MRI a week from Monday and we will visit her neurologist the following week. We also have a field trip to the pumpkin patch this week for Anchor School. I've picked the babies bedding, need to get the paint picked and on the walls.

I hope you all survive the campaign ads over the next few weeks :)

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