Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sensory Extravaganza

Hello friends! We have had a fun-filled couple of weeks to report on. Before I get to all that stuff I need to take a minute to thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts pertaining to my last blog. I was overwhelmed with the reaction and truly appreciate all of you magnificent people in my life....I'm not sure what I'd do with out all of you so THANKS for the support!

Ava had her 3rd birthday party last Saturday at my mother's house in Ft Collins. It was a fantastic time! A special thanks to Kelly for loaning us the bump and jump which provided an afternoon of entertainment for everyone. There was a great turn out and Ava had a wonderful time walking around with the help of her little friends.
Monday was Ava's well child check up. She weighed in at 29 lbs. and was 39 1/2 in. long. I am 64 inches tall so it will not be long before she is looking me in the eyes. She has an MRI scheduled for October 27th and we will see her neurologist on November 4th. I hope to have a better understanding of what the next few years will bring in regards to specialists, genetic/metabolic testing, etc. I feel like we are kind of at a plateau in regards to diagnosing and testing her so it would be nice to decide how much is necessary and when it is appropriate.
Tuesday Ava and I attended her 1st preschool field trip to the Morrison Center at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It has a great sensory garden that is across the street from the large gardens so there is little to no general public visiting this particular garden. There were four horticultural therapist there (one interns at Anchor currently) to assist and teach us about all the plants. We made music with instruments made from seeds, potted a flower for dad and walked unrestricted through the garden to touch, smell and pick anything we wanted. They even got a zip lock baggie to fill with all the cool plants we learned about. I had an absolute blast, little blind people are funny to say the least. I did however forget the camera and I am bummed about that.

I have been attending a "Mobilizing Families" workshop given by ARC of Weld County on Thursday nights. It will continue into December and has lots of good information on medical and educational rights, community resources, support groups, etc. I had a Dr's appointment last Wednesday (the 24th), everything was normal. Baby's heart was 144 bpm and I am measuring almost exact. This coming week marks week 25....only 12-15 weeks left. October is my favorite month so I'm reving up for Halloween. Hopefully I can afford some damn pumpkins this year...I didn't know we had pumpkin shortages.

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