Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Eights

Today marks our 8th wedding anniversary...over 10 years since we started dating. WOW! It is hard for me to believe Joe and I have put up with each other this long especially when I consider the path life has led us down to date. Even harder for me to believe is that we are soon expecting our 2nd child, we've made it on one income the last 3 years and we are with out a doubt no longer "kids". So to Joe, thank you for 8 great years and not kicking my ass to the curb when the going gets tough. I'm quite positive it's not easy being my husband so hang in there, we'll be in South Lake Tahoe again 2 years from now, betting roulette and sipping cold ones while we marvel at the trials and tribulations 10 years of marriage has brought us ;)

Ava survived her MRI yesterday. We will visit with her neurologist next Tuesday about the last couple of months testing and hopefully have a better plan for the next couple of years. It was our first trip to the new Children's Hospital and it is beautiful. It appears they are buying up as much of the ghetto that surrounds it as possible for redevelopment of hotels, restaurants, things people who are stuck at a hospital in a strange city might need easy access to. It is full of color and life unlike most hospitals I've visited so I give them kudos for trying to break away from the industrial look of the old. I was able to visit Ava's friend Sam and her lovely mother Heather on the 8th floor while there. Sammer, here's to you going home as early as tomorrow, I'm sending all the karma I've got!

I visited my Dr last week. I passed my glucose screening and my uterus is growing at a perfect rate. My weight is on the low end and her heart rate was 133 bpm....perfect according to the OB. We are still struggling to come up with 2-3 solid names we can take to the hospital with us but have almost finished her room. Hopefully that will give us some inspiration, after all it is week 28 and the holidays are quickly approaching.

I'll have some Halloween pictures to post on the next blog, maybe even some belly pictures of me. Enjoy the week!

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