Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Love

There's no day like Sunday! Yes, today I slept in and went to Sam's Club ALONE....I can't remember how long it has been since I've done either. Of course sleeping in is now sleeping until 8:00 am but hey, it's better than 6:00 am and it will not be long before I am getting little to no sleep. On that same note I'll be bargaining to take one kid with me instead of two. YIKES!

Ava had an EEG on Wednesday and it went much better than the last one. She actually helped by staying up until 10:30pm without getting too cranky with me. When I went into her room at 4:30am to wake her up she was a little less thankful to see me but was actually a trooper about it. My mom took the day off to ride with us down there (Broomfield) so Ava couldn't fall asleep in the car. It saves Joe a vacation day and gives mom a little taste of the Dr's office and all it entails. Ava will have an MRI in the near future and we are not scheduled to see the Dr until that procedure is complete. In lieu of all that we have no results from the EEG yet, I hope to have a phone call tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

My best friend Tricia, from home, visited for Blythe Johnson's wedding a few weekends ago (she was a beautiful bride). It had been over a year since I'd seen her and even though I'm prego we had a great time. Hilary, Tricia and I hadn't all been together since Hil was married a couple of summers ago and we can sure make for an interesting trio. It is always fun to see the Johnson family too. I picked Tricia up at DIA on Thursday night and dropped her off Sunday night just in time to miss all the Democratic National Convention traffic. Hilary lives in Evans, CO about 15 minutes Northeast of me so we didn't have to drive far to visit her.

Ava is doing fantastic in school! Despite getting kicked out of class the 2nd day for being unruly she has been "the class leader" according to Charlotta, her new pre-school teacher. I think most people expect Ava to have cognitive difficulties until they get to know her. It seems they are a bit shocked by just how manipulative and sneaky she can be once they get a good dose of her and her antics. She is funny, likes to play tricks and games like not getting out of her walker for the Anchor staff.

I still have no word on a final IEP meeting for Ava. I see the school tried to call Thursday but did not leave a message so I hope it is coming soon. I may try one day of preschool in Milliken, we'll see. I can not get the ultrasound video to upload to any websites. I am going to try and cut the time down and maybe I can have some success from that...if not, let me know next time you're over and I'll show you or burn you a CD and mail it if you can't make it by.

Fall is in the air and I LOVE IT, my favorite season! September birthdays are in full swing, all 20 of them. We had two birthday parties yesterday, one for Rowan Starman and one for Ava's great uncle Jerry Hugen. Next weekend its Byron and Alexis and then Ava's comes the last weekend. Joe's mother, sister and father all have September birthdays also, good thing I don't have to buy presents for everyone or I'd be broke! We enjoyed a pot luck at our friends the Kinyon's over the Labor Day Holiday, it was fantastic. People need to have potluck more often.

That's about as exciting as it gets on Podtburg Circle. I wish you all a "Happy Fall"!

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