Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nebraska...The Good Life

Greetings friends! It has been another fun packed couple of weeks since I last wrote. Ava, mom and I made our annual trip back to Gordon, NE for a visit with family and friends. Aunt Sarah visited for a few days last week and Ava started preschool today at Anchor. We also enjoyed a few days of rain (around 2 in. at our house) and seasonably cool temperatures which broke our heat streak for the summer last weekend.

Ava is becoming a much better traveler, she had a rough time for a bit on the trip to Gordon but traveled like a champ on the way home. We spent time at Grandpa Hugen's Friday and Saturday taking time for a dip in the Niobrara while there. We also seen the rest of the family and many family friends over the three days we visited. Ava loves to play with Sara and Wade, I think her and Sara had wore each other out by the end of the weekend. I was still feeling like shit but am since getting a few days break between my sickness. Both mom and I agree that we need to get back to visit more often. I usually get my annual drunk on there too so being pregnant sure put a cramp in my style!

Last weekend Ava's Aunt Sarah visited from Durango. She arrived on Wednesday evening just in time to enjoy the beginning of the cool down and rain. It rained the entire time she visited, sometimes down right poured. We braved the farmer's market in Boulder on Saturday...a pregnant lady needs her marinated cheese. Ava kept dry in her dollar bin, hot pink poncho so it turned out alright. As always, it was great to hang out with Sarah, she always offers some relief from the daily grind.

Today was a big day for both Ava and myself with the whole preschool thing starting. I took her to her little cubby to drop off her bag, had one last trip to the bathroom and then dumped her on the red carpet for circle time. I didn't even say goodbye Ava although I did tell her to "have fun". In retrospect that is probably what kept this hormonal pregnant chick from crying. All the teachers said she had a fantastic day.

I enjoyed lunch with my friend Gail and we caught up on our summer happenings. I spent the rest of the time pondering what the hell I was going to do for 2 1/2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday until June. No worries, I started the first book I have picked up in quite some time, day dreamed about all the Christmas shopping I can do between Timbuk Toys at Lowrey and the shops at Northfield this fall. There is even a Sam's Club and King Soopers within a few blocks. Hopefully I'll soon be saying "I don't know how I ever got things done before Ava went to school".

We will be busy with Ava's IEP, a visit from Tricia in Oklahoma City, Blythe's wedding, and doctors appointments the next few weeks. The string of late summer, early fall birthday parties is soon arriving too. Ava will have an EEG on September 3rd and an MRI is in the proess of being scheduled. After the MRI we will meet with her neurologist to get the skinny on all the testing and future plans for the kiddo. Monday is my ultrasound, I'll post pictures and possibly video that day so you can all see the sex. See you then!

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