Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mean Lime Green Machine

Hello friends, it seems like it has been so long. We've had a busy few weeks, I'll do my best to give you the low down in the next few paragraphs. It has been HOT and I am still a bit under the weather at some time of the day nearly everyday. I am however getting use to being nauseous and starting to get things done again. I'll be 14 weeks next Monday and hopefully I start to feel alive again.

The walker finally was delivered on the 3rd of the month. It is much larger than her last one, weighs 14 lbs and doesn't fold down so it is a pain in the ass to travel with. It is very temporary and if she would of had it in April she may be walking on her own by now. Enjoy the pictures, we'll see if my walls survive.

Ava hated the 4th of July. She fell asleep like a good girl around 7:45ish and was awake by 8:30. We figured since she was up and seemed happy we would bring her outside to watch some fireworks. BAD idea...way too much stimulation so late in the evening. She was up until about 2:00 am but slept in until close to 10:00 (and that never happens). We'll try again next year ;)

Last Friday my mother's sister, Connie, was in Denver for a teaching conference of some sort. Mom, Ava and I headed downtown around 2:00 pm to visit with her and eat some grub. We were just a few blocks from the 16th Street Mall so we ate and helped Connie finish shopping for her family there. It was only about 100* out so it was pretty miserable at times. Ava was a trooper for such extreme heat and we had a fun visit with out any of the guys around.

Mom, Ava and I then got up Saturday morning and headed for Hershey, NE to visit the McEvoy's. It was a great day to be in the North Platte area, cool and not very humid, I'm not sure I've ever experienced weather like that there. We went to the NPPD lake by the power plant for an afternoon grill out and some swimming. The water was low and warm, like a bath tub. I got to see Clayton, Jimmy and their wives and children too. It was nice, I haven't seen any of them for years. We came home late Sunday afternoon.

We are trying to get back to Gordon in August. Joe has been busy at work, in the yard and garden. Our friends the Starman's are camping this weekend, we will probably go have lunch on Saturday with them. I think I will be leaving Ava at mom's house on the way by for a night off that evening. Beat the heat!


robyn moore said...

Hope your walls survive the walker...... ;)

Kirsten said...

Yeah, visitors! We will be excited to see you!