Wednesday, July 30, 2008

15 Weeks & Counting....

Counting what??? Hopefully the days until I stop suffering from good 'ol morning sickness. I had an appointment on Monday with my Doc, it was short and sweet. Baby's heartbeat was 151 and it was really kicking around in there. The fetal scan ultrasound is scheduled for August 25th so get your gender guesses in prior to that date. I'll be sure to post a blog with some photos of the wiener or lack of the wiener. Joe and mom want a boy, I just want a healthy one.

Ava has sure been a ball of fire. She is done with summer, ready to get back to school, her schedule and her friends. I am waiting on Milliken to get their crap together for her IEP. She will be going to Anchor on Tuesdays and Thursdays but it is out of district so we will be paying for it, well worth every penny. I hope to get her to circle time around a typical group of peers at the Milliken preschool one day a week, I think she would really benefit from that too. Her dad may put her up for adoption if she doesn't get a better attitude soon ;)

We will be continuing home physical therapy services at our cost. I will probably also have her occupational therapist come a couple times of month if she is willing to continue on that schedule and money permits. At this time I will be depending on her school and peers to help me with the speech. I love her therapist but she can't bill my insurance and you must draw the therapy/school line somewhere. We will also start back to the family music class for special needs children in Greeley this fall. Joe, Ava and I really enjoyed it last year and it is our only form of family therapy per say at this time. How I'm going to manage all this once I have the baby is quite a mystery to me...I think I'm crazy now.

Mom, Ava and I will be heading to Gordon the weekend of August 8th. It will be great to see everyone, we haven't been back since last July. Joe's work is very busy at this time but the overtime pay sure is nice. I think he is looking forward to cooler days and some weekends off in the near future. I have some video of Ava playing her piano I'll try to get off the camera and posted soon, she is sure quite the little player. I hope you are all wrapping up your summer time fun in style!

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Kirsten said...

You just drop that cute little bundle on Settlers Drive when you go to music class. Nuff said.