Sunday, June 29, 2008

Secret Project Revealed

Greetings! Well, the secrets out...posted is a picture of Peanut Jaksha who should be arriving sometime around January 20th, 2009. I've been a bit unsettled about the situation and suffering some severe morning sickness but I'm starting to come around. It was a bit of a surprise, obviously we were not being 99.9% safe but I really wasn't planning on having a baby this soon. I think Joe took advantage of me that one night back in April when the girls took me out. :)

I had my first Dr's appointment Friday and everything looked great. I was a bit unsure about using the same OBGYN but they have changed the way they do things and I am much more comfortable with the changes. When I had Ava they did not do an ultrasound until 20 weeks so it was fun seeing two little arms, legs and one huge heart beating in between them. I will be 11 weeks on Monday or Tuesday. I'll update you in the blog and hope to be blogging more as I feel better. I got a prescription to try and help with the nausea but it makes my head hurt, not the best trade off but it will do.

Poor little Ava has had to deal with me being miserable all month. We have had some nice cool days where we could get outside and enjoy the parks. She continues home therapies in the summer and we will be visiting Anchor for some summer school a couple of times in July.

Yesterday Joe, Ava, Mom and I went to Estes Park for the day. It was beautiful up there, around 70 degrees. There was a Scandinavian Festival going on so we got to see some 800 B.C. style fighting reenacted. Yeah, it was something. We met up with Emily and Ellie Peddicord and had some lunch at Poppy's with them. Joe's father showed up later in the day and will be visiting until tomorrow morning.

I have been promised Ava's new walker on the 1st of July at 1:00 pm. Triple A has screwed up bad enough that I am getting phone calls from management. It is an entire blog with in itself and I'm sure I'll be filling you in on the whole damn story if they don't come through this week.

We have no big plans for the 4th. Ava still doesn't stay up late enough to watch fireworks so I'm sure we'll be home early if we even get out of the house. You all have fun doing whatever it is you do this weekend. Be safe!


Angy & John said...

Oh, yeah! I am so excited for you!! That is just wonderful! I look forward to reading more about new little Jaksha. I hope you feel better!!!

Summer Leatherberry said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Robyn Moore said...

Teach me not to read your blog often! Congrats, I didn't think going from 1-2 kids was that bad, if it makes you feel any better. I can't wait to see the newest Jaksha!