Monday, June 16, 2008

June is 1/2 Gone?

Hello friends! It seems like it has been so long since my last post. Before I forget to tell you all I need to mention how surprised I continue to be at the number of people whom report how much they love the blog and look forward to reading it. I really wasn't sure if anyone would read it and must say I am grateful you all care enough to keep up with our lives. Thank you!

We have been busy with graduation and birthday parties along with finishing up school in Denver this month. Ellie Peddicord and Tressin Starman both turned one and the picture posted is of Ava and her friend Jayden at their school ice cream social, he also has CVI. Ava is at her Grandma's in Ft Collins this morning while I get a chance to catch up and sleep in. I'm not sure what I would do with out Grandma!

We also had a visit with our great friend Brett from Illinois earlier this month. Ava really digs him and he bought her a meditation bowl to bang on that is a hit. I'll try to get a picture posted of her banging on that bowl, it is classic. Joe's mother and father also both visited, at different times, since my last post.

We had an uneventful Father's Day. Joe and I did enjoy a nice, quiet supper with Ava away. I still keep busy with a few accounting clients, the house, yard work and Ava's social calender. I also have a secret project that has been taking up lots of my time, I'll fill you in once I have all the details ironed out.

With all the rain we received this Spring the Front Range has been beautiful. I am kicking myself for being horrible about carrying the camera around. They are just finishing up the first cutting of hay and everything is still so green for June. The relative humidity has been around 10% so the clarity in distance you can see is wonderful. What I'm trying to say is sometimes the mountains look more three dimensional than others, it's something you may have to see to understand.

There has been nothing else exciting to report. Mother and I hope to get back to Gordon soon and maybe we'll even get Joe to come along. I'll do better about getting the camera out and posting more timely. Take care and have fun!

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Kirsten said...

Secret project??? Ooooh I'm so intrigued... What is it? :)