Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tulips on Pearl Street

Another week has gone by, its hard for me to believe sometimes. Saturday morning Mom, Ava and I loaded up in the Honda and headed to The Peoples Republic of Boulder. Ginger, my favorite DJ from KBCO said Thursday, "The tulips are blooming on Pearl Street Mall and they look magnificent!". It got me to thinking about the fact that it IS Spring (even though the weather has sucked) and oh yeah, the Boulder Farmer's Market must be close to starting. So I checked on the web and sure enough, they have been in full swing since the first of April.

The tulips on Pearl Street were best put at magnificent. It is always refreshing to get a dose of socially conscious folks also. Ava played with the kiddos in a few of the rock and sculpture play areas along the mall, we stopped in all the art galleries, I took a million pictures and we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. There is something about 20 page menus that I don't enjoy...the food was good so I shouldn't complain.

The Farmer's Market was busy as usual. I love it, reminds me of West Coast Markets. Ava hung out at the free kids music area and played a little cabassa. I stopped at my favorite prepared food vendor, Loredana's Pesto, for a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette and fantastic marinated cheeses. We also tagged some artisan jalapeno cheddar bread that was quite tasty. Mom got a tomato plant and I picked up some arugula and spinach too. Ava had a ball, we will definitely frequent the market through out the summer.

Joe is enjoying a game of golf with the boys this afternoon. We enjoyed a meal at the Asian Grill in Loveland on Wednesday Night, ALONE, for my birthday. It was nice, my favorite Asian food place close to home, thanks mom for babysitting. Thanks for all the cards and phone calls from all of you too! The Starman's came over for a burger Saturday night and that is about as exciting as we get!

Ava and I will probably travel with my mother next weekend to Sturgis, SD. All of the brothers and sisters she shares a mother with are supposed to be there. Ava hasn't yet met one of her sisters so I feel obligated to make the drive. There is a great baby shower and a few crazy folks visiting from Nebraska that I will be sad to miss. Good thing Joe will be here to represent for us. I'm sure I will have some fun stories after a weekend with my mothers family. Tune in next week for the madness!

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