Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meet 1/2 of My Family

Hillbilly hoedown, redneck reunion...I'm not sure what exactly to call the gathering that took place over the Mother's Day Weekend in Sturgis, SD. Don't get me wrong, I love them all but we may be the most dysfunctional group of folks I've been around in some time. I'll do my best to kindly describe the weekend and the people involved!

Ava, mom and I left her place in Fort Collins around 2:00 on Thursday afternoon. We were piss pounded by rain for a great deal of I-25 in Wyoming and traveled via Mule Creek Junction and Rapid City. It wasn't that bad, they finally have the damn by-pass around Rapid finished which helps speed things up. Ava did well until we hit the South Dakota border. By the time we got to Hot Springs to feed her we were all but kicked out of the Dairy Queen from her obnoxious attitude.

We arrived around 9:00 pm in Strugis, about 400 miles behind us and not a minute to soon. I am convinced that there is nothing worse than traveling more than three hours in a car with a two year old.

I took a break from the kid and family Friday afternoon and headed to Rapid City for a visit with one of the gals I graduated high school with. It was great to finally meet baby Nick and catch up with Suzie and Dean. I got a little bonus as I got to visit with Desiray (Winters) Batemen and little Heather too. I however forgot my camera so, sadly I have no pictures of little Nick or Heather to share. Jerry and his girlfriend Sue had arrived that afternoon.

Saturday we awoke to a near blizzard. Seriously, looking out the window at Terry Peak and Deer Mountain you would have thought it was still ski season. By noon the snow had stopped and by late afternoon most of the wet, sloppy stuff was gone. Just in time for the baby of the family, Lori Ann to arrive from Minnesota.

Hooray, we now have my mother, Jerry, Marty and Lori all in the same state. Soon to be in the same house and this is where things get interesting. I am going to describe everyone and I bet you can figure out who is who in the picture

Marty has been an alcoholic most of his life (and probably has an IQ of 120 or more), he is mom's youngest brother from this side of the family. He has been living in Sturgis with his mother since he got out of rehab a couple of years ago. I would consider my grandma an enabler at this point but if Marty doesn't get his shit together he will be dead in the next year or so from liver failure. He is hallucinating and taking some anti-psych meds while still nipping the bottle which makes for some interesting behavior. If any of you remember Grandpa Bill Deckert, Marty looks like he did when he was 80 or so. Due to Marty's situation, grandma frowns on us drinking while there.

Lori Ann has a mouth that would make a trucker blush. She is the youngest sister and she cooks for the jail system in the twin cities. She may also qualify as an alcoholic based on some of the stories she shared with me. Between hearing about peeling bananas for the women inmates and the multiple cops she is screwing I could have crawled in a hole and shot myself. I can't say that I've been more embarrassed for someone else in quite sometime. I need to add, this does NOT bother her in the least.

I guess that leaves Jerry and Sue to talk about. Most of you probably know Jerry, he makes plenty of trips to Colorado and most family functions here. I don't need to explain anything to the Nebraska folks about him. His dear girlfriend Sue lives in Ft Collins and works with my mother at the Eye Center. They are the most normal of the bunch, the only hitch is my mother and Sue sometimes have disagreements when they go out drinking. Any odd or ill feelings where put aside and the visit was smooth. I haven't heard what she thought of the trip but I'm betting it will be humorous. The picture below is the only one I have with her in it.

How did mom and I cope? Saturday afternoon we were out cruising country roads....drinking Miller Light. We both laughed about what a couple of rednecks we were for the mentioned act but I'm quite sure something might have given if we didn't escape the scene for a bit.

On the country road cruise we also had some good laughs about all the new bars north of Buffalo Chip that have appeared. I can't for the life of me understand why folks would drive to Sturgis to drink beer in a pasture in mid August. It is usually 105* around that time of year and wheat harvest is always in full swing. Don't get me wrong, I've been there done that but not for quite some time and it was cool to hang out downtown then.

Sunday morning we all made brunch for Grandma. Her husband, Steve, and she attend church in Deadwood every Sunday morning so while they were gone, we cooked. We shared a nice, QUIET meal with each other to my surprise.

We were on the road by 11:00 am and home by 5:00ish. Ava had a great trip home and the scenery was beautiful. We took the Sundance, WY route and I have never seen the area so beautiful and green. I got pulled over by Wyoming Highway Patrol and escaped with a warning on US-85 in the four corners area. My friends I got lucky, I was hauling ass.

It was great to see everyone, I don't think we have ever all been there at the same time for more than a decade. I spared you most of the gory details, thanks for sticking out the lengthy post. I hope all you Mother's enjoyed your day!

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