Monday, April 21, 2008

Finish Line!

Hello friends! It has been a week packed full of activities, I feel like "Elastigirl" from The Incredibles. I however do not handle the stress load as well as she, I'm still waiting for my superhero powers to show up so I can find just a bit more stretch in my life. We had Ava's play based assessment Friday, Joe and I finished the ski season up on Saturday and Mom, Ava and I walked in the Strides for Epilepsy 5K in Denver on Sunday morning. I haven't had a good nights sleep for quite some time and Jeez Louise is it beginning to show. Here's the skinny on Ava's events:

Anchor Play Based Assessment

Ava mother and I loaded up in the car around 1:30 Friday afternoon and headed for Denver. I hoped she would nap but wasn't that lucky. Things went fairly well until around 4:00ish when the team was meeting with me about the results, that's when her meltdown started. Leaving Denver at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon also had us stuck in a gridlock which took us 2 hours to get the 45 miles home in. Ava screamed at least half the way...In hindsight I was a bit more flustered by the assessment than I thought I would be and she certainly feeds off my emotions.

The process was both interesting and overwhelming for me. They had great initial suggestions, know my child well and certainly are very surprised by how far she has come in such a short time these past few months. She does qualify for pre-school there and they do not suggest a dual program at this time. I have some big decisions to make by the end of May and feel a bit confused and rushed. The complete report on the assessment will not be ready for another month or so. I'll blog a little more about things at that time, it will give me a chance to process everything also.

Strides for Epilepsy 2008
We all had a blast at Colorado's largest Epilepsy awareness event and will be attending next year. It was held in Washington Park Sunday and was a beautiful morning for it. Mom and I walked while pushing Ava in the Graco and ended up making a 57 minute time. Not bad for stopping to pee and trucking it with a thousand or so others. I was a 5k virgin and hey, it is only 3 miles, I think it's doable for almost anyone. The runners were done in like 20-25 minutes, I think they are nuts and envy their stamina.

There were more people there than I anticipated participating in the event and I was quite shocked at the amount of Ava's support team whom were there. We ran into her music therapy teacher, Amy, from Greeley. Her vision teacher Sarah, Director Alice, Ms Belinda and the Roberts Family from Anchor Center. Many of her Anchor classmates and community members from different support groups too. It really hit home how lucky we are to have such a great local support group in Northern Colorado. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of professionals for my daughter...thanks everyone (including Grandma Cindy, pushing Ava to the finish)!

After the event we shared a wonderful lunch with my mothers uncle Jim J from Denver. It is always refreshing to see family and this was no exception. We all hope to catch up a bit more often.

Back to no sleep, I had better hang it up for the evening in hopes for a better Tuesday. Until next time...

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