Monday, March 24, 2008

Laughter...Life's Windshield Wipers

A friend shared a quote with me last week...I don't remember who she was quoting but it went a little something like this...laughter, like windshield wipers, it allows us to move forward in our journey although it doesn't stop the rain. I like these kinds of things, I think it gives me something to focus on, thoughts to ponder if you will. Especially in those moments, 4 blind and visually impaired toddlers Easter egg hunting for example, when one needs to escape!

We have some exciting events coming up. On Sunday, April 20th, my mother, Ava and I will be walking in the Strides for Epilepsy 5K Walk/Run at Washington Park in Denver. It is Colorado's largest epilepsy awareness event. We will be walking with Team Sammer Hammer in honor of Ava's friend Samantha Schichtel. We'd love to have your company, the cost is $25. Follow the directions from the following link and enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful morning with us in a great park.

Ava will also have a Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment at Anchor on Friday, April 18th. There are only 21 of these performed a year so she is very fortunate to be chosen for one as they serve over 400 kids state wide. The team will determine if she qualifies for preschool at this time in addition to priceless information they will compile and provide for Ava's therapist and future educational providers. It will last around an hour and a half and she will interact with one of the professionals from the evaluation team comprised of the following; vision specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist and psychologist.

I'll blog again about both events!

We also celebrated St Patrick's Day with some corned beef and cabbage. Ava had some festive ears that she wasn't very fond of...I still made her wear them to school. Green was the color of the month so the kids who could see them thought she was pretty cool. Joe and I often do on holidays, we braved I-70 to hit the slopes. Aunt Sadie was visiting and was gracious enough to babysit for us. I think that living in Durango has satisfied her "snow fix" for the year and she can't resist her naughty niece, probably who she came to see anyway. We made it back in time for a late afternoon meal with my mother, the Starman's, Jerry, Sue & Katie and of course Aunt Sarah. The company and food were fabulous and the only regret I have is not getting a photo of everyone to share, especially the girls. Thanks everyone for coming!

Last and certainly not least, the Today Show featured an amazing story around a week ago that I would like to share about the potential of stem cells. It is a great story about a little boy diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and his incredible reaction to his own stem cells in a study at Duke University. There is hope that this very stuff can help Ava. Please support any stem cell research out there, it may one day save or improve the quality of your life too.

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