Friday, March 14, 2008

In John Deere Green...

Spring has arrived, or maybe it's just around the corner. Living on the Colorado Front Range I trust we will have at least one big, wet snow storm before it's official. Today was my Friday for volunteer work in Evans, a drive through some farmland and what a nice site...huge John Deere tractors, pivots under maintenance and the smell of thawing dairies. Takes me back to my childhood except for those dairies, it is BEEF country so there were not such vulgar smells and I must add the land is not littered with gas and oil wells either. Miss those Nebraska Sandhills some days!

What else?? Tonight I was blessed with a girls FAC and what better soul food than polishing off a few beers and a box or two of wine? Yeah, I think most of you would agree that it doesn't get much better than good conversation with quality folk.

Life has been pretty status quo this week. Ava has however developed a fairly strong desire to be upright and walk. I spend most of my days bent over, her hands on my forearms, walking wherever the princess demands. It is bittersweet, last year I wasn't sure if she would ever walk...I now nurse an already injured back more often than I'd like. It could be much worse so I'm not complaining! She has a new walker on order and if it doesn't arrive soon it appears she's not going to need it. Wishing you all a "Happy Spring"!

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kirstens said...

wow... never been referred to as quality before. thanks.. :)