Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First Timer

Greetings my fellow readers! I've decided to take the plunge and try to blog, probably goes without saying, eh? It has recently come to my attention that I must not be very good at getting the word out about what is happening in my life and more importantly, Ava's life.

I'm sure you'll find misspellings, bad grammar and an occasional x-rated word or two but my goal is to communicate with all you folks better and hopefully find a little therapeutic value in writing about our daily happenings...we'll see how it goes!

I'll start by catching everyone up on life since this fall. I continue to take Ava to Denver on Mondays and Wednesdays to attend a toddler program at the Anchor Center. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are filled with speech, occupational and physical therapies along with any play dates, grocery shopping, Target, Sam's Club and trips to Chilson we can manage to squeeze in. In February Joe, Ava and I started attending a music therapy class for families in Greeley and WE absolutely love it! Sometimes we stay for $3/plate supper at the church the classes are located in afterwards, Ava usually decides that for us.

Ava also was gifted with a Topomax wean we started in early December. By the end of January we had her meds cut 50% and the attitude to go along with it. She is doing incredible, I promise to post more and share more pictures of the amazing progress. Next year she will start pre-school, 2 days a week in Milliken and possibly 2 more days a week in Denver. Where did the time go??

Joe, Jordan, Kate and I took a much needed long weekend trip to San Francisco in November, it was fabulous! Although I have visited the Redwoods in Northern, CA in past trips I had never been to Muir Woods until this one and it was a fantastic 2nd to driving the coast. It was foggy most of the time but hey, who cared? Both Kate and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves let alone bitch about the weather. I guess that's what small children do to people!

I still take time to volunteer on an allocation committee in Greeley, actually Evans for Envision (currently Ava receives her Part C services there). I also do our HOA books for free in an attempt to make some major changes in our subdivision...we are close to bankruptcy with all the damn "common areas" we have to maintain. It seems to be a pretty good group of folks taking the bull by the horns and they all like beer too so that's a plus for me! I meet with them once a month and the rest is conducted via email.

Jaksha Accounting is still alive too. I have an antique client that I take care of monthly for a small stipend. A developer that I had been working for is experiencing some tough times but has recently came back to pay me off and ask for a statement on the condition of his books for a court case...go figure, just when you think you're moving on the litigation begins! I currently do not solicit any new clients but plan to when Ava starts school in the fall assuming I will have more free time. We'll see!

Last but not least we almost have a finished basement. We started the finish work in October and by the beginning of December carpet was laid. Just a little finish work and it will be 100% complete! It has been 8 or 9 years coming and it is wonderful to have the finished space. I'm not sold on cleaning it yet but that's peanuts. Come visit and see what we've done!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, stranger! Nice to see you two beautiful girls again...I MISS you. I'm excited you are blogging....perhaps I'll be inspired to begin again!!!
Krista Jo :)