Friday, March 28, 2008

Ava Sat Up!

I've been in some sort of slump this week. I continue to shuffle through this crazy mental list I have that must be a few miles long. I think Spring Fever has a hold of me, it's Spring Break for Ava and the wind did not stop. Monday seems like forever ago and I have not experienced a Friday this long since I was in high school waiting to get to a kegger or some similar function.

I'm trying to gain perspective girlfriend, Kirsten, took a late night trip to the ER last night and was surprised with an early morning appendectomy. On that note it could be much worse than cabin fever, get better friend. I'm thinking of you and ready for a beer!

Ava has been quite a pill lately. She has completely given up on naps again although she desperately needs one. Monday or Tuesday she got so pissed at me for making her lay down for "nap time" that she finally sat up, on her own! Yea Ava!!! A great side bar is that she hasn't been mad enough to attempt it again since then. Steady but slow...that's how her life goes.

Hurry good Spring weather...I'm getting desperate for some quality outdoor time. I hope all is well with you and yours!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Exciting that Ava sat up, not so exciting that she doesn't want to nap. If only kids knew how great naps are...I love them! I wish I could take one everyday. Take care!

Anonymous said...

YAY, Ava! You keep right your momma on her toes, ya little blazin' ray of sunshine!!!

Love you both mucho!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I don't know HOW that "right" got in there on that other comment I stupid does that sound,anyway? Where's the edit button????? :) Story of my life!!!

Krista again,
I'm out.